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As of 4/16/09  DCMX has gone back to a bike only track.


Please use the 2nd driveway to enter and exit the track

do not use my house driveway thanks 



9/14/11  The track will be open on Sat. the


 17th, track work is done and I will start


watering to night,, check out my facebook


page Dcmx Tracks  


Layton  309-333-1069


 for riding during the week call to set up a time



Prices this year:


$15 kids (15 and younger)

$20 adults


Yearly memberships:

$100 kids

$125 adults



EB SUSPENSION   319-759-3303


What- your bike isn't ready? Got leaky forks or shock seals?Ready

to have your valves checked or rebuilt? How about  a new top end

or head porting? Maybe your ready to step up and get your

suspension revalved by someone in your area that you can talk

directly with or go to the track with and who will help set up your

bike? Give Eric a call today and get the best out of your suspension.

He can help you get ready to ride this spring.Eric has the lowest prices

on chain and sprokets.



Problem with the website?

want a website made for you for a low price?



Jacob Mead 

Phone: 319-850-8516