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                                                DCMX Motocross Track


Two Great tracks to ride on:

big bike and pee-wee/pit bike



Tracks open  on weekends and week days by appointment


Sat. 9 - 4, Sun. 11 - 4

   -No racing, practice only                                  Tracks are watered and

   -20-30 feet wide at all points                            groomed for all practices

   -Black tilled dirt surface           

   -One track for small kids only (no big bikes allowed)                                 

   -All safe table top jumps


Fun for all skill levels.  Great place to ride your pit bike!



  1.  It is mandatory that all persons entering the premises, spectator or rider, sign a waiver. If you fail to do so, you will be considered trespassing.
  2. DC MX does not supply any kind of liability insurance for any type of injury to riders or spectators.
  3. Helmets, eye protection, and boots are mandatory when riding on property. It is recommended that all riders protect themselves as much as possible with a chest protector, gloves, knee pads, long-sleeved shirts, and most important, a neck brace.
  4. No pets
  5. No alcohol